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The other day I got a postcard from Radio Sweden, P4 (see picture left). I had apparently been “randomly” selected to participate in the jury of “Svensktoppen”. (For non-swedish readers: Radio Sweden is a Public service company. Svensktoppen is a programme that has been aired since 1962. Before 2003 the programme was strongly dominated by tacky dansband). However, "Svensktoppen" is the worst kind of commercial trorolo-mainstream-pop-r&b-wailing-autotune music programme you can possible imagine. And "randomly" selected yours truly, The Ambassador, for the jury? Yeah, right. It's an outrageous provocation against the Embassy and its staff. The Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country is - as you know - deeply involved in the cultural act of exploring and promoting real music made by real people. I will naturally decline due to health reasons. Mental health reasons, that is.


CDs with Slackeye Slim arrived today

The cds "Texas Whore Pleaser" and "El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa" by death country artist Slackeye Slim arrived today. The latter is a concept album including religion, murder, justice and existence. El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa was appointed 2011 Album Of The Year by the reputable site Saving Country Music, see link


texaswp 200 lapistolaP 200


I bought the cds February 7th, 2014. The shipping took considerable time. But, all is well that ends well. When you buy a physical cd from Bandcamp you get an immediate download of the entire album in the format of your choice (for example FLAC, Free Lossless Audio Codec). A nice concept and fully in line with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Death Country should namely be regarded as a basic need. I could use the waiting time for the cds to arive to listening to Evil Eye, I Wanna Be Yer Zombie, As Soon As I Wound This Man, Vengeance Gonna Be My Name, Judgment Day among others. The cds arrived from Mesa, Colorado where Slackeye Slim seems to been laying low on a ranch. He is also working on a new album hopefully to be realeased in spring 2014. I'm looking forward to it. Slackeye Slim is a very interesting artist and he will almost certain be honored with an article on this website.




Greatest Album That Never Was

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In the process of triangulation the genre I came across "The Interpestuals" from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. In a discussion thread on a music forum a member submitted extremely initiated suggestions. The thing that drew my attention to The Interpestuals was that the band was mentioned in a very interesting context. I started hard-googling, but the only information that came up was the geographical origin of the band, that they played, disbanded and faded away. No members, no contact info, no social media, no nothing. It's not even clear that they have released an album. It could very well be someone outside the band who performed a cultural act and put it out on the Internet. The "album" called "ReviveR" was "released" in 2000. It's also highly questionable if the album cover (to the right) really is the original album cover, or if someone just felt like the picture suited the music. All these questions and no answers. Very frustrating. I therefore emailed the initiated forum-member and asked if he had any more information. He answered instantly that everything he had found on the Internet was a copy and pasting of something a friend of him had wrote for their last.fm profile. As far as he knew they only made one recording and it was not available through usual channels. He kindly gave me a link to the "album". CD is my preferred format, but sometimes you have to make an exception. Otherwise, I couldn't get it. It's well justified in this case. The "album" is namely in my opinion "dark americana" (or more correctly "canadiana") of the finest brand. Best songs: Regrettin Time, Stow Away, Desolate Bones, Valley Of Shadows, Boots & Skulls 


Dig Nails Deep Not Missing In Action Anymore

The cd "Dig Nails Deep" by Last False Hope isn't "missing in action" any more. It arrived today. We celebrate this happy event with their official video "Drinking You Goodbye".

See their video here:




It's really high-octane punkdriven bluegrass.


Last False Hope - Dig Nails Deep (Missing In Action?)

dnd cd cover

The cd "Dig Nails Deep" by Last False Hope seems to be "missing in action" somewhere between U.S. and Sweden. I ordered their new cd on February 11, 2014 from Amazon UK (but dispatched from U.S). It was shipped on February 14, 2014. Still (today March 11) no-show. I contacted the seller who wrote that shipping "usually arrive within 21 business days, but might take longer in some cases." I don't get it. How can the shipping time vary so much? The shipping from U.S generally takes 10-15 days. My current record (which is very hard to beat) is five days (NB, not business days!). Anyway, I will wait until Friday and if I haven't got the cd by then I will ask the seller to initiate a replacement shipment. Because, I really want the new cd from Last False Hope. I managed to get a hold of their debut "The Shape of Bluegrass to Come". And it's really progressive. Their record company (Solitary Records) writes: "Last False Hope's debut EP released in 2010 pissed off some Bluegrass purists, and impresses many old punks and metal heads." If you think of .357 String Band and then take a step to the right (here is where Highlonesome dwell) and then take a further step to the right you will find Last False Hope with their high-octane punkdriven bluegrass.


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