10 best screams in the gothic country genre

About the list: A good friend made a great list a couple of years ago ”The 21 best screams in Rock’n Roll”. Top three: Gluecifer, Iggy Pop and The Sonics. ”Child in Time” by Deep Purple was placed as no. 21 (this brought back memories). You can check out the list here (opens in a new window). The comments are in swedish. Of course, ”Rock’n Roll” is a enormous source to draw from, but here it's replicated on the smaller and lesser known ”gothic country” genre. 



 Cover Song/Album Artist



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Just As Soon As I Wound This Man / Texas Whore Pleaser




Slackeye Slim

A cautionary tale about messing with somebody's wood pile. Taken from an album that was never meant to be taken as anything but a collection of irreverent cowboy songs, but Slackeye Slim takes distortion to new and higher levels. 


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A Curse / The Plague




Those Poor Bastards

You can probably choose any song from TPB since the screaming is always there, more or less. ”You’re just another curse, a curse, a curse I seen you there out in the pines You liar, you liar That grave you dig will not be mine”. TPB has spoken. 


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Down to Rest / Head Home  





Lead singer Greg Jamie’s vocals is nasal, theatrical and high-pichted. In addition, he growls and howls. However, it fits the music. In “Down to Rest” Greg Jamie goes the whole hog and screams. This leads to no. 3 on the list. 





 Sithe / Woodcat





Minneapolis-band Woodcat formed, crashed and burned, but stayed around long enough to release this enigmatic album. There’s not much information about the band. The story of Woodcat remains to be written.


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Ay Distress / No Silver No Gold




Baptist Generals

In this somber song a mobile phone suddenly starts to ring (about 25 seconds from the end), followed by a total outburst from the (singer) owner of the phone. The other members in the band take it easy: ”Hey hey, its OK…we’ll do it again…”. 


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Hallow's Eve / Halloween is Here




Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks

Take your pick from Lonesome Wyatt’s vast production. This isn’t a one of his best albums, but the marching "Hallow’s Eve" is a good song. Only one and half minute from start to finish, a long fade-out included. 



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 Bone Slag / Rodentia 




Walter Sickert (and the Army of Toys)

Named after the famous painter. To be included on the legendary Devil’s Ruin Records compilations is a mark of quality. Described as musical alchemy, fingering the rabbit hole of performance art. WS raised the bar for scream-singing.


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Kingdom It Will Come / Dead Dog on a Highway




The Dad Horse Experience

German "umpa pumpa" meets gothic country (yes, it possible). In addition to the spectacular kazoo solo, the vocals on this song is flabbergasting. ”They are dancing and having fun / They know the Kingdom it will come". 





Hallelujahland / Hallelujahland




American Graveyard

“The few get the most, while the most get poor / Whoa Lord, once again, We’ve all been had in Hallelujahland”. American Graveyard's lyrics deals with social awareness and social criticism. Yet, it's hilarious.





Drinking You Goodbye / Dig Nails Deep




 Last False Hope

This is growl-grass from Chicago. I really liked the title of their first EP ”The shape of bluegrass to come”. The title pissed off the purists. Definitely more brute force than finesse, but it works fine in this context. 


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