10 best second album in the gothic country genre

About the list: These albums do not show any signs of the difficult second album syndrome (DSAS). The rules for the list are simple. Only full-length albums counts as albums and the artist/band need to have released more than two full-length albums. Here is my list.



 Cover Album Artist



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Built with Bones




Christian Williams

The "Holy Grail" of all gothic country albums. Amazing what you can achieve with just a Martin guitar, a zeppified Deering Goodtime banjo and a dark baritone. This album is a benchmark. A groundbreaking album.  


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Low Estate




16 Horsepower

Sackcloth 'n' Ashes opened the floodgates. Then came this album. "For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed." A milestone.


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El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa




Slackeye Slim

The debut album was never meant to be taken as anything but a collection of irreverent cowboy songs (in fact, it's a lot more than that). Built around themes of revenge, a man and a gun. A masterpiece.


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Psalms For The Spiritually Dead




Sons of Perdition

Second album in the dissolution trilogy. The overall idea for the album was “overwhelmingly bleak”. The dreadful "Psalm of Slumber" concludes the album. Read the complete transcription here


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Fire & Hail




.357 String Band

Despite three outstanding albums and relentless touring they never got the appreciation they so well deserved. This second album is the jewel in the crown. This is unsurpassed "streetgrass".   


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Broken Hymns, Limbs And Skin





Their debut album "Head Home" gave a glimpse of what was to come. Their second album is very intense with gloomy lyrics. "Find a sacred resting place where the pecking hens won’t harm the eyes”.



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Salvation is a Deep Dark Well




The Builders and the Butchers


They would probably be just another ordinary indie band, if it weren’t for their weird, brooding and gothic sound. They found the perfect solfège on their second album. Of course, this is their best album.


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Let The River Take Them Home




Pinebox Serenade

Pinebox Serenade mixes country with rock without becoming despicable and unbearable country rock. It's sounds too good to be true, but it's actually true. "Let the River Take Them Home" is a splendid album.


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Garden Of Deceit





Palodine doesn't mean a thing. It's just a made up band name with a certain ring to it. But the band is very real. Don’t let the husband-and-wife soft duo stereotype fool you. This is hard stuff, indeed.





In Life We Can't Be Free





This is packed high-octane mountainbilly. Bluegrass music have been described as: "it has a high lonesome sound." There’s nothing high and lonesome over Highlonesome. More like Ramones playing bluegrass.


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