10 most beautiful songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: The word "beautiful" isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But gothic country music has in fact its delicate moments. It's extremely difficult to explain and I will not elaborate any further on that subject. Anyway, here is the list.



 Cover Song/Album Artist



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Laudanum Lady / Built with Bones




Christian Williams

This is a Victorian break-up song. Laudanum was the drug of choice in the 19th century, usually preferred by women. "But you'll be a lonely laudanum lady now." Un-gothic intro by Chopin.





Song of Ruin / Trinity




Sons of Perdition

A man is slained, buried, then dug up and given a drink of whiskey (since the drink was paid for, but never drunk) while pictures are taken. This is the story of the Canon Diablo shootout in 1905.





Into the Piano / Consider the Birds





A subdued, introvert and minimalistic song with a distant piano echoing. The religious references are ubiquitous. "His hand for me a sovereign tone / I pray him come I pray him soon".





 The Petrified Forest / Honey Moon




 The Handsome Family 

The Handsome Family has a couple of "beautiful" songs in their vast catalogue. This song is great. "When we were together I lay in your river / As the fish swam through my hands".


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Mary Girl / A Handful Of Locusts 




The Victor Mourning

This delicate song defines melancholy. It's perfectly attuned. The arrangement, lyrics and performance are solid. There's nothing to add or withdraw here. Talented gothic country band. 


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'til Exhaustion or Collapse / Shy Ghosts




T.K. Bollinger

A song that ends with "No angel spoke to me / But I still feel blessed / So I'll still sing my dark to you / Even though you're unimpressed / 'Til exhaustion or collapse" is beautiful, if anything.



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  The Western Lands / Giving My Bones to the Western Lands 




Slackeye Slim

This song belongs to the highlights on the album. It's almost hymnal in its structure with guitar, lap steel, whining-singing saw and vocals. Slackeye Slim can write beautiful songs, indeed.


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Evil Selfish Fool / Sing it Ugly




Those Poor Bastards

TPB is not known for any beautiful songs. Despite the album title this song is sung beautifully "I know I am awful, I know I deserve this / I wish I was not what I am / Evil selfish fool".





White Horse / The Earth and All That is in It 




The Roe Family Singers

A beautiful song about drug addiction from their debut album. Then they made a change to more family-friendly music. Change is not always a good thing. Not in this case, anyway. 





Avalon / Axis Mundi




Brown Bird

Marked by leukemia Dave Lamb sings to his wife MorganEve Swain "You're a huntress and a healer / And a holder of hands / And your heart is the Avalon / That I seek for my end". 45 seconds.


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