10 best punk-/trashgrass songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: Punk-/trashgrass are one of many twigs in the broad gothic country genre The subgenre is the ugly twin of traditional bluegrass. It's packed with metal influences, punk energy and an outlet for all kinds of restrained emotions and actions. And, it goes without saying, it's flabbergasting. Anyway, here is the list.



 Cover Song/Album Artist



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Down On A Bender / Ghost Town




.357 String Band

Wisconsin. ”This ain’t your grandaddy’s bluegrass, this is streetgrass.” This band really had attitude in abundance. On the inner sleeve: "Rather be hated for what we are than loved for what we ain't." They really nail it in this song. 





Why Try / All Bottled Up




Filthy Still

Rhode Island. There are really not much to analyze when it comes to Filthy Still. The music is born out of punk then mixed with country and bluegrass. The lyrics and lifestyle are spelled “self-consuming”. "Why Try" is no exception.





Y'all Motherfuckers Need Jesus / Seven Devils




The Goddamn Gallows

Michigan. From the heart of America's Rust Belt. Rust never sleeps, neither do this band."y'all motherfuckers need Jesus / but the devil's in your soul / the father, the son, and the holy ghost!" A milestone in the subgrenre.  





 The Boughs Have Broken / The Unholy Gospel According To... 





Wisconsin. This is high-octane mountainbilly. Bluegrass music have been described as: "it has a high lonesome sound." There’s nothing high and lonesome. More like Ramones playing bluegrass. In this particular song they push themselves even further.


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Evil Donkey / Ornery




The Monads

Missouri. The Monads played their final show on October 30 2010. They didn't go quietly into the night and you can watch some videos from the final show on Youtube. "Evil Donkey" is good example of how they sounded.





Better Than Debt / The Death Roots Syndicate




Joel Kaiser

Quebec, Canada. This is hellbilly of the highest carat. Joel Kaiser play sorrowful and downright rowdy tunes for lost souls and drunken hobos. "Because I was born into nothing on the poverty line ... so throw me in prison boys, it's better than debt".



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  Obis / Hatchetations




Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy

Kansas. This is "brass n’ grass". Despite obvious punk influences CNS members are stellar musicans. Their songs deal with social criticism aldurated with irony. Opening song "Obis" is no exception. "You're number has been called".


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Rise & Roar / Rise & Roar




Devout Sinners

Illinois. Blistering murdergrass. They look like a bunch of heavily tattooed bikers disguised as bluegrass musicians, but they're probably very nice. Their explicit lyrics qualifies with any doubt for a huge "Tipper sticker" (parental advisory label).





Giving Up God For Lent / The Shape of Bluegrass To Come




Last False Hope

Illinois. This is growlgrass. You're bound to annoy bluegrass purists with a debut album titled "The Shape of Bluegrass to Come" with the more than cocky subtitle "A Blasphemous Abomination in 4 Hymns". This is the bombastic opening track.  





Honey In My Hair / Swidden




Blackbird Raum

California. This is squatterbilly. Known for their frantic live shows and anarchist politics. "One day this will all come down / One day this will all come crashing right down / So go on with your life we will bring you down". Energetic, yet West Coast laidback style.


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