10 gloomiest album ever

About the list: I hate and despise (in that order) Katrina & The Waves hit "Walking On Sunshine". I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!). It's feel-good music with a strong but unmotivated belief in the future. Personally, I prefer feel-bad music with no future. Here is a list of gloomy music that fits the season. The fall is coming.  



 Cover Song/Album Artist





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I See a Darkness




Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

The first album under the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy moniker name. It's gloomy allright. In fact, it's pitch-black and too calcitrant for most people.





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Shy Ghosts




T.K. Bollinger

Not exactly the kind of music people listen to when they're chilling at Bondi Beach. Naked, tormented and not overly beautiful, but with a heartfelt presence. Top-rated.





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Joy Division

This second and final album from Joy Division was released two months after lead singer Ian Curtis' suicide. The last (and often covered) song "Decades" stand the test of time.





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 At the Cut




 Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt died on December 25, 2009. His output is impressive - 14 albums. Vic stood at the height of his creative power when this last album was released. Sad story.





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The Demo Tapes




Bruce Springsteen

There was a time when it wasn't arena rock and whip-lash sounding drums. This gloomy album is stripped-down to the bone. None of the songs appeared on later albums. Quality it is.





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The Boatman's Call




Nick Cave

Not the most gothic of his many albums, but definitely the gloomiest. The impact of this classic album can not be overstated. Dark and brooding. It's one of the best albums ever.




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 The Wall





Pink Floyd

The Wall is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation symbolised by a metaphorical wall. Positive view of human beings? Oh, no. Roger Waters is the gloomiest man in rock'n' roll.












Lou Reed

The album is a tragic rock opera about a doomed couple, Jim and Caroline, and addresses themes of drug use, prostitution, depression, domestic violence and suicide. Old-school gloom.  







Elephant Shoe




Arab Strap

Scottish gloom. The album's title is a phrase sometimes used by children who are afraid of saying "I love you". When confronted they claim they said "elephant shoe".  







You Want It Darker




 Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen leaves in style. On his fourteenth and final studio album he sings about death, God, and while he's at it, gives a couple of sarchastic comments to the world today. Goodbye and thank you. 


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