"Stereo racks, stands and cabinets are hideous"

quadraspire altStereo racks, stands and cabinets are hideous. There is no question about it. The relevant question is why. The explanation may be quite simple. Simultaneously trying to fulfil two opposing ideas, aesthetic and stereocentric. Which of the two ideas do you support? The answer depends, almost always, on whether you are a man or a woman. My personal experience is that women doesn't appreciate when a high-end stereo and all its necessary accessories dominate a room. When you are (and want to remain) in a relationship you have to be ready to compromise and sacrifice. As for personal experience, I had a stereo rack in fake teak with dark tinted glass doors (I know, but it was from the early 1980's). It was thoroughly scrutinized before cohabitation and later marriage. It didn't make it. Well, you sacrifice pawns for the greater good. Besides, the rack was an awful piece of furniture. Other key decisions could tip the scales. The placement of loud speakers are almost non-negotiable. Needless to say, acoustic values and considerations always outrank aesthetics. Stereo racks, stands and cabinets are not only extremely ugly, they are often expensive. The Quadraspire Q4 EVO with spikes in the picture cost over $700. Still, it looks just like a modernized tea trolley. Spikes are used to couple the mass of the speaker to the larger mass of the floor for stability and diversion. The spikes need to be mitigated. Spike base dissipates vibration away from the electronics (the turntable in particular). But there are simpler and cheaper solutions. A low budget alternative is the IKEA furniture LACK with the standards 22x22", price approximately $10. The classic side table was introduced in 1979. Very functional. We moved to a smaller place a while ago. This had huge consequences for my stereocentric view of the world. My cds are nowadays stored in a small closet from floor to ceiling in double rows. I must be really motivated if I want to listen to a cd placed in the inner row. Compromise and sacrifice are an integral part of life. You have to live by the US Marine Corp mantra, "Improvise - Adapt - Overcome". But, neither of these verbs are my strong suit. 

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