"An unwelcome addition"

aimlowandhit1How would you feel if an album was added to your music library without your consent? First, you would feel dirty and violated. Second, you would wonder who dared to step over all boundaries and invade your privacy. Third, you would want to know how this could happen. This is what happened. In 2014, U2 allowed free downloads of "Songs of Innocence". For users (like myself) with automatic music downloads enabled in iTunes, Songs of Innocence was downloaded automatically. Many iTunes users were upset. They (here I include myself) didn't want the U2 album, even if the album was thrown after them. U2 are known for having a grand view of themselves. Everybody must just love them, despite their smug faces. Free downloads? U2 wanted to reach out to people in a megalomanic gesture. Big mistake. The scorn was relentless: "forced downloads", "spam", "rock-and-roll as dystopian junk mail" were some epithets. U2 are filthy rich and can afford to play the role of a patron. U2's decision to allow free downloads was criticized by musicians who claimed that it sent a disturbing message to all musicians that their work isn't worth anything. The wailing singer Bono claimed that he was unaware of the automatic download option. Yeah, right. At the time, he even refused to offer an apology. In response to the criticism, Apple created a dedicated page on their website to allow users to delete the album from their iTunes accounts. But, why should I be responsible for the decontamination? I still have the evidence of the malicious intrusion in my music library. Bono later had to crawl to the cross and apologize for the digital release: "I take full responsibility". To take full responsibility means to accept blame, punishment, or accountability. I'm still waiting for U2 to make amends. However, I don't think they ever will. Sorrow will come to you in the end.

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