The Devil is in the details


The first step in the construction of the website is now completed. It took two months (sigh). All articles from have now been translated, revised and migrated (I have also written a completely new article about Elliott Brood). The next step is to fill the sections Artists, Albums and Lists with a content. However, it was time to make a choice here. It's possible to use simple tables and manually fill them with content, but it's hard work and very time-consuming. After consulting my friend Mikael (site architect and advisor) he found a product already designed for the task. It's called Extended DB Music (see picture left) from jVitals Digital Technologies Inc. Extended DB Music gives you the ability to add artists, albums, album covers, release date, record company, pictures, videos, description, tags etc. You can use Extended DB Music to create a default view or easily make custom views. The product would really meet my requirements. However, after installing the product there seems to be a software bug in the Extended DB Music. It's not possible to link albums to an artist (a very basic relation). I hope the problem will be fixed soon. As always, the Devil is in the details.



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