A diagnosis at last


The other day I stumbled over a new (at least for me) concept, namely “authenticity fetishism”. Without knowing anything about the concept I directly knew that I was afflicted. The symptons are as follows: 1) a quest for purity and committment in the country genre, 2) a very low tolerance for poses, mannerisms and fake expressions 3) a romantic view on a artists struggle for recognition (and to make a living for that matter). After a quick test: I ticked in all three boxes. I didn't just suffer from "authenticity fetishism”. I fully embraced it. However, the "disease" doesn't create any problems in my day-to-day business. On the contrary, it creates rules and guidelines that helps me to cope with all the elevator music that is imposed on me and others. It's also resembles of a AA-meeting: Hello, my name is The Ambassador and I am an “authenticity fetishist”. Guilty as charged. And it feels really good.

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