CDs with Slackeye Slim arrived today

The cds "Texas Whore Pleaser" and "El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa" by death country artist Slackeye Slim arrived today. The latter is a concept album including religion, murder, justice and existence. El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa was appointed 2011 Album Of The Year by the reputable site Saving Country Music, see link


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I bought the cds February 7th, 2014. The shipping took considerable time. But, all is well that ends well. When you buy a physical cd from Bandcamp you get an immediate download of the entire album in the format of your choice (for example FLAC, Free Lossless Audio Codec). A nice concept and fully in line with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Death Country should namely be regarded as a basic need. I could use the waiting time for the cds to arive to listening to Evil Eye, I Wanna Be Yer Zombie, As Soon As I Wound This Man, Vengeance Gonna Be My Name, Judgment Day among others. The cds arrived from Mesa, Colorado where Slackeye Slim seems to been laying low on a ranch. He is also working on a new album hopefully to be realeased in spring 2014. I'm looking forward to it. Slackeye Slim is a very interesting artist and he will almost certain be honored with an article on this website.




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