Review of "Back to the primitive"

480Those Poor Bastards are productive. They released their thirteenth album "Back To The Primitive" on February 27, 2024. The limited edition vinyl options are as follows: 10 signed and numbered test pressings, 100 copies 180 gram black with signed sideshow poster of Lonesome Wyatt and The Minister (original art by Lonesome Wyatt), 200 copies “Bone Rot (natural/black)” and 300 copies “Blood Storm (transparent red/black)”. I don't belong to the primary target group for vinyls. On the bright side, Those Poor Bastards continue to release cds for people like myself that don't have the slightest interest of changing format back to vinyl again. Those Poor Bastards combine a high production rate with consistent good quality. However, this isn't one of their best albums. The new album consists of ten songs delivered in a furious tempo. The distorted songs goes in one ear and out the other. Not bad songs per se, but the songwriting doesn't live up to their usual standards. One song stand out, the closing song "The Hanged Man". To sum it up. "Back To The Primitive" doesn't cut it. Only "The Hanged Man" will take place on my prestigious TPB compilation list. However, my main complaint is the short running time. The revival of vinyls have led to shrinkflation. You could easily fit a total of 44 minutes of music on a vinyl. It’s technically possible to fit in 52 minutes of music at 33 1/3 rpm and even possible to exceed that, if you’re willing to live with a slightly poorer sound. In the old days, most albums were between 37 and 45 minutes in length, and this was conducive to their being taped, as 90 minute cassette tapes could then carry two full albums of material. This album is 31 minutes and 31 seconds long. For me, this means that the music/dollar ratio is less than 1 (cd $12, shipping $20 and $10 import taxes and administrative fee). This is madness and the sort of trade exchange the world can no longer afford. However, this statement is valid on the aggregate level, not on the individual level. I will buy their next album. 

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