"256 vocal overdubs"

480Hand on heart, where do you stand when it comes to overdubbing? The technique is used in audio recording in which audio tracks that have been pre-recorded are played back and monitored, while simultaneously recording new, doubled, or augmented tracks. This procedure can be repeated multiple times. This technique is often used with singers, as well as with instruments, or ensembles/orchestras. Overdubbing is typically done for the purpose of adding richness and complexity to the original recording. It divides people. The minimalists argue that there should be no more layers added to a recording, it should sound "as is". Some extreme minimalists even advocate underdubbing, where certain elements may have been removed from a recording. The maximalists argue on the other hand that there's always room for improvement: altering, fixing, compensating and enhancing the sound. The maximalists span from moderate to over the top (the more layers added on a recording the better). One of the best known songs with overdub is "I'm Not in Love" by 10cc included on their third album, The Original Soundtrack, read an in-depth article about how the song was recorded here (opens in new window). The song was recorded in Strawberry Studios in Stockport and was originally recorded as a bossa nova. The band members weren't pleased with the outcome. The band tried different approaches, but nothing worked. The recording came close to being abandoned. The Strawberry Studios secretary Kathy Redfern, persuaded the band not to scrap it (and eventually supplied the whispered spoken word ("Be quiet, big boys don't cry"). The band knew that they had to come up with something completely different. And they did. Vocal harmonies in excess. A bass drum and a piano worked as a metronome. There are 256 vocal overdubs on the song created with tape loops. The lush harmonies with multitracked vocals sounds like a string arrangement. It was a time-consuming and painstaking procedure. The band sang 'Aahhh' for three weeks. This was new and groundbreaking. A seminal idea, an innovative take, perfectly executed with an impressing final result. Remember well, and bear in mind, this was made with the recording technology that were available 50 years ago. This makes it even more impressing. A big 'Aahhh'.

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