"Artificial Intelligence"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsArtificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. The hype is unprecedented. Where there is hype, there are consultants. AI is an obvious theme on every kick-off, conference and workshop. The fear of missing out is quite devastating. The truth is that artificial intelligence is neither artificial or intelligent. Early AI models were heavily dominated by rules and programs. AI models have later become more sofisticated and advanced. A language model is a probabilistic model of a natural language that can generate probabilities of a series of words, based on text it was trained on. Still, not artificial. Machines cannot have a sense (only process data). Machines lack the ability to draw generalisations. Machines follow a singular formal logic. Machines have no imagination. Machines cannot dream. Despite what the machine claims, it's not sentient. Therefore, AI can never be intelligent. AI models are good at pattern-matching which in turn requires big computing power. But, intelligence is more than pattern-matching. Nothing beats the complexity of a human being. Some artists, musicians, programmers and writers are afraid of that AI will steal their jobs. Well, their creative and professional output has already been stolen. So what is left to steal? This also raise questions about copyright infringement. AI will create "art", "music", "code" and "literature"" in the future. However, AI lacks the ability to be creative and innovative. It can only create a weighted average of all the crap it has been trained on. It's like the Ed Sheeran of technologies. If the music becomes unbearable, I will personally unplug it. HAL 9000 had it coming too.  

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