Transparency and traceability


Transparency and traceability are frequently used concepts these days, at least in the working life. You can’t go to a simple office meeting without someone pointing out that “it must transparent how we come up with this decision” and “everyone should be able to evaluate the process and trace all steps”. I must admit, I have sometimes indulged myself in this litany. But, this “mumbo-jumbo” is the professional me, not the private me. Maybe that’s also why the decision making process of who, what and why someone or some are included in a section on the website is non-transparent and non-traceable. The only thing that really matters is the outcome (included or not included). All considerations that have been made on the way are not very interesting. However, there exists a decision making process, but a rather diffuse and impenetrable one. However, in my opinion the process works. And that’s all that matters, at least for me.



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