"Imperfect Spaces"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsThe golden age of concept albums is definitely over. Australian artist T.K. Bollinger goes against the tide in so many ways and on so many levels that a concept album isn't weird. To borrow the words of the artist himself: "A strange composite of songs and anti-songs, blended with treated field recordings." This will require some effort on your part. You have to dig in and work yourself through 28 songs, snippet of songs, sound effects and loose fragments. This album isn't something for a person being introduced to music (and probably not for a music expert and connoisseur either). On the album Bollinger has removed the boundaries between music and soundart, challenging our first sense with the aim to broaden your mind. The result is tough and chewy. Maybe this is a concept album, but then it's a very loose concept. The characteristic of a concept album is the coherence. In my opinion, this isn't a coherent album. The "songs" are short, and either hooked into each other or ends abruptly or slowly fades out. My personal favorites are "The Apologist (Part 1)", "The Apologist (Part 2)", "Failed Saints", "Darkest Days Over", "A Short Burst of Brightness" and "This Life Is All There Is". Other songs are weird, like "How to Kill Bill", "Wetware", "Bibbedy" and "Predictive Text". But, weird doesn't cut it alone. The songs need something more and else. This album is a little bit too weird, to be honest.       

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