"Social media minus social is media"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsOnce upon a time social media was a tool to interact and keep in touch with others. Initially, some interactions came closer than you anticipated. I remember a coworker complaining: "I haven't seen my classmate for 30 years. Then she added me. And now I know what she's having for dinner. Every night". There was a time when nothing was too insignificant not to be posted or shared. This was also the golden age for social media lurkers who was active on social media platforms, but instead of participating or engaging with others, consumed informantion and scrolled through content feeds. The last couple of years Facebook has been taken over by influencers, suggestions and advertisment. Their algorithms has actively supported this development. This is maybe an illustration of the different phases in the lifecycle of social media (up, down and out). I'm a stranger in this world and a very late adopter. When I joined Facebook almost 10 years ago it was anonymously under a pseudonym. I have several reasons to remain private. I had one purpose: to promote the website. Anyway, here I stand with 41 FB-friends (a few real friends, some like-minded music lovers and many "friend collectors"). I'm an easy target. I accept almost every friend request. After all, I don't exist. However, I do have a lot of website content to post. Nowadays, 50 percent of all Facebook users doesn't post anything. A large part of the remaining 50 percent are very selective about when, how and what they post. It has become dubious even to make a post. Where does that leave us? Social media minus social is media.

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