Letter of Credence for Sons of Perdition

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This website was quietly launched on March 2, 2014 under great discretion and without any "diplomatic" ceremonies at all. I thought that the website would be unnoticied for at least six months or so before the site was properly indexed and the Google algorithms had start spinning or whatever they do. On March 6, 2014, however, I got an email from Sons of Perdition (Zebulon Whatley). Apparently, the site had been included in his trawl when seeking after reviews of Trinity. He wrote in the email that I was very kind in writing about his "dour music" and asked me if he could send me "The Dissolution Orphans" in advance (it is to be released in May 21, 2014) and finally asked if I was the Ambassador. My reaction was: writing about his music goes without saying, yes and yes. The email from him made me very, very proud and inspires me to further develop and manage the website. I also regard this occurence as a confirmation that it was a correct assessment to start the site. The site could't have had a better and more exiting start. I will almost certainly write a short review of "The Dissolution Orphans". I will however respect the fact that it is to be released May 21, 2014. Sons of Perdition (Zebulon Whatley) has (figuratively speaking) hereby got a Letter of Credence for Sons of Perdition, signed by The Ambassador.




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