"Muddy Roots Music Festival 2024"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsMuddy Roots Music Festival is a recurrent musical event in Cookeville, TN. I don't have any plans to attend, but I checked up the line-up. I'm familiar to a couple of the bands and artists: Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Munly & the Lupercalians, Gogol Bordello, Viva Le Vox and Possessed by Paul James. They are all renowned. However, I have never heard of the other artists and bands that are announced. I don't know what to make of this. Is this a sign of the festival becoming a minor-league event or just the sign of the times? Or could it just be that I'm living in oblivion and have not yet discovered all the new branches and twigs that are growing in the darkness. Hmm, I venture to doubt that this is the case. I do credit myself for having some insights in the dark roots genre. The pricetag for these two days is high, $175. This include entrance, free camping, free hot showers and bring your own beer. Personally, festivals are not on my bucket list. I have never had any desire to crawl in mud, to engage in crowd surfing or use portable toilets. In Sweden, there's an urban legend that has flourished since the 1980s. It's about the "poop man" who allegedly appears at music festivals, where he is said to overturn portable toilets when people visit them. The result: people were covered in urine and feces. It's also said that the "poop man" smears feces on people, in tents and on bicycles. A few events have occurred in Sweden that include at least some of what is described in the urban legend. To be honest, that is all the basis of information I need. No hot shower in the world can change that. 

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