"Welcome to the machine"

TPB Debaser 20170430 500The main reason why I abandoned vinyl and switched over to cd 27 years ago was that I was getting really tired of all the skipping, scratching and significant surface noise. Of course, I didn't treat my vinyl records as I was supposed to. In fact, they were heavily mistreated. The guiding principle for grading is "The Goldmine Grading System", see link here (opens in a new window). The scale from high to low is Mint (M), Near Mint (NM), Very Good Plus (VG+), Very Good (VG), Good Plus (G+), Good (G), Fair (F) and Poor (P). Most of my records were graded G or F. The new cd format offered an easy and carefree handling. When the cd came it was said to be practically impossible to wear out (with normal use). This is true. Almost every cd in my collection plays without any problems at all. The few cds that have some minor flaws are bought from thrift stores. It's appalling but there are people who never put the cds back in their cases, stack them or use them as coasters. For these cd abusers there's a chance to redeem themselves - a machine. I was totally unaware that such a machine existed. However, if you mistreated your cds despite their relative high price you're not likely to invest in an expensive machine that fix them. The product is more intended for those who care about cds. It's not just plastic. It's a format in its own right.

Let me introduce you to the Disc Repair Machine ECO Smart - a single disc, semi-automatic disc repair system for CDs, DVDs, Books on Disc, Blu-ray, and even game discs. Read more here, (opens in a new window). It has color-coded magnetic pad holders. The machine cleans disc's in less than a minute and most repairs take less than 3 minutes. The ultra-quiet design is perfect for a library or retail environment. No hand finishing or cleaning after the repair process is required. The disc comes out of the machine clean, dry, free of residue. The liquid cooled repair process means no heat or damage to the disc. The ECO Brand disc repair systems have the lowest cost per disc than any other machine. The weight is just 35 lbs (approx. 16 kg) and the measures are 9 * 16 inches (23 * 41 cm). However, the price is high, $ 3 695. This is, by the way, the budget version. Why settle for less? Why not aim high and go for the ECO AutoSmart which is fully automatic and processes one disc at the time. The price for this fine machine is $ 5 780. If you want industrial strength I recommend the Eco Master which is fully automatic and have a disc capacity of 50 discs at the time. The price tag is $ 19 985. "What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream...So welcome to the machine". 



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