"World Goth Day"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsTomorrow is World Goth Day. We are living in a world where there is a day for everything, for example Cinnamon Bun Day. A day for goths is against this background only fair and motivated. It's "a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world." Amen to that. World Goth Day originated in the UK in 2009 from a smaller scale celebration of the gothic subculture. It celebrates many aspects, by fashion shows, art exhibitions and music performances. The gothic spectrum is broad and permissive from gothic rock to gothic country. With a benign interpretation, I'm an influencer within a narrow field. A distinct style of clothing and appearance is associated with goths. Some goths wear dark clothing and pale makeup. The history of goth can be traced back to 1764, when writer, art historian and politician among other things Horace Walpole published "The Castle of Otranto," with the subtitle "A Gothic Story". Gothic horror was regarded as a pleasing extension of romantic literature. It alludes to the romance of the darker aspects of life in many ways, built on the aesthetic of fear and haunting. People mistake goths for those who are obsessed with death, horror and all things morbid. Of course, this can be the case. But, a lot of non-goth-looking people have a soft spot for gothic litterature, art and music. My personal experience is that you can't tell from the outside what's going on in the inside. There are goths and there are goths. I don't look like The Cure's Robert Smith. I'm a preppy goth wearing small checkered shirts. And Oxfords and Brogues. Still goth.      

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