Extended DB replaced by Music Collection

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As stated in my blog entry on May 18, 2014 "The Devil is in the details" I*) bought and installed a product (Extended DB Music) for making it easy to fill and update the sections Artists, Albums and Lists. However, there was a major software bug in the product. And the software bug hasn't yet been fixed by jVitals Digital Technologies Inc. That's bad and not very confidence inspiring, to say the least. I therefore turned my eyes to the "Rolls Royce" of data-base music products, namely Music Collection (see picture left) and read more about the product here. Music Collection is more than twice as expensive as Extended DB Music, but its content and functionality is vastly superior to Extended DB Music in all aspects. There are also 16 (!) add-on features to the product. And more important, it really works. Goodbye Extended DB Music and Hello Music Collection. Penny-wise, pound-foolish. My advice to you is: always go for tried, tested and already available products. The Devil is in the details, but you can sometimes buy yourself out of the problems you got into. After configuration has been made, I will begin filling the data-base with content in an industrial scale.

*) actually it was my friend Mikael (site architect and advisor) who helped me out with this (as with Music Collection). 



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