Review of "The Stillness And The Peace"

480In music, there are two paths you can go by. Either you strive to constantly renew yourself or you stick to a strict formula. Oldboy of the Fens (OotF) belongs to the latter category. They have continued on the beaten path. This isn't the same as being stagnant or uninteresting. This is the finest example of british rural realism. There's no anxious glancing sideways, only a consistent implementation of ideas. OotF (originally just Oldboy) was formed in 2007 by Adrian Hunt (vocals, guitar) and James Campbell (multinstrumentalist). From 2007 to 2024 is an eternity in the gothic country genre. In 2023 OotF made an unsual move. They released a compilation album (16 Songs) on Yellowbelly Records. Most bands and artists aren't around long enough to produce sufficient material for a compilation album. In fact, they either disband or go on a never ending hiatus. The selection criteria for the compilation album was democratic and inclusive with two tracks from each of their previous albums. Personally, I would have included a couple of more songs from "In The Cold Light Of Day". Anyway, now they are back with a new album "The Stillness And The Peace". This is their eight original album (nine if you count their their self-titled ep debut). OotF delivers high and consistent quality on regular basis. This is the case this time, too. The arrangements are stripped-down to the bone and the lyrics deal with death, doom and despair. Maybe, this album is a bit more elaborate and melodic compared with their previous albums. What I particularly like about OotF (and respect them for) is their honesty, unwillingness to compromise and endurance. And, they still release physical albums. Kudos to them. The best songs are "I Take It Back", "The Divine Mistress", "River Bed", "Nowhere" and, last but not least, "Cargo Of Souls". Executive summary: another solid album from Oldboy of the Fens. 

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