"Why so serious?"

whysoserious3"Why so serious?" This famous and memorable quote is etched on my mind. How did the Joker get his scars and what de(formed) him? There are, at least, two alternative stories which are equally cruel and gruesome. The veracity of the stories are shrouded in mystery since they are both told by the notoriously elusive Joker. The main reason to why this quote is etched on my mind is that I really admire seriousity. Coupled with dedication it's adorable. However, seriousity and dedication is a very dangerous combination and can, wrongly balanced, get out of hand. I could compile a long list where things have gone really wrong. Seriousity is considered desirable and most people want to be treated in a serious way. I'm very serious about this website. However, I do hope I'm on the right side of the tipping point. I'm happy if someone finds my work interesting or amusing. Maybe even occasionally laugh. Then I've succeeded. What's so funny? Well, maybe nothing. "Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!"      

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